Tanya works with schools, churches, PTAs and other organizations and groups, large and small, to help create events that are a success for both sponsor and audience. All keynote presentations are customized to suit the unique needs of each customer and the relevance to their audience groups.

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  Parenting the Strong-Willed Child
The so-called “strong-willed child”—oppositional, argumentative, assertively demanding, “hard to discipline.”—presents a unique challenge to his or her parents.
Tanya outlines a plan of action for successful discipline of not only the child who is strong-willed, but any child.
Tanya explains the secret to effective discipline which is found in mastering each of discipline’s of the “Three C’s”—communication, consequences, and consistency.  
Strong-Willed Child Presentation Options

Parenting the Strong-Willed Child can be formatted as a 90-minute presentation or expanded into a 3-hour workshop.
ANOTHER OPTION is “Parenting the Strong -Willed Teenager.”  
Tanya can also customize talks to the needs of specific audiences.

    Parenting with Love and Leadership

Children depend on parents for the two L-words of Love and Leadership. In today’s parenting culture, Love is often weakened by well-intentioned enabling, and Leadership is weakened by the equally well-intentioned attempt to be “popular” with one’s children.
In this 90 minute presentation Tanya helps parents understand how to best deliver love and leadership from toddlerhood right on through the teenage years.

 The Well-Behaved Child
The keys to effective discipline are the “Three C’s” of clear, authoritative communication, compelling consequences, and consistency.
The key is to assign emotional and practical responsibility for a child’s misbehavior to its rightful owner—the child.
In addition, parents learn how they can work with their child’s teacher(s) to improve both classroom behavior and academic performance.
This workshop is designed so that discipline becomes less of an issue in the home, communication with your children improves, and the overall quality of life in your families is greatly enhanced.

What’s My Part? – Effective Discipline

More parents have problems with discipline than with any other single child rearing issue. For many parents, these problems begin during toddlerhood with tantrums, toilet training resistance, and defiance, and only get worse.
This 90-minute presentation, which can be extended to a mini-workshop (3 hours), provides parents with the information and skills they need to begin making significant positive changes in their discipline style and therefore, their children’s behavior.
Effective Discipline is Commanding Communication, Compelling Consequences, and Confirming Consistency.
Tanya laces this talk with humor and antidotes from raising her own children. Parents are sure to leave feeling not only relieved of significant guilt and anxiety, but also inspired, informed, and ready to go home knowing what to do in a calm, self-confident role.

Working with Parents of Problem Students

Working with Parents of Problem Students is a 3-6 hour teaching in-service for teachers, counselors, school psychologists, and other education professionals.
The emphasis throughout is on practical, field-tested strategies for assigning full responsibility for classroom behavior and academic performance to the underachieving/problem child.
Topics covered include:
Approaching the “Reluctant” Parent: There are more parents who have a reputation for being defensive and uncooperative than there are parents who are actually defensive and uncooperative.
Tanya shares effective ways of selling parents on the idea of forming an “educational alliance” with their child’s teacher(s).
Homework Management: Tanya outlines a homework management plan which has been close to 100% effective at helping children accept responsibility for their homework.
Motivating the Underachiever: Design and implementation of motivational strategies for underachieving and/or misbehaving students from grades one through high school. Included are strategies for resolving classroom behavior problems.

Presentation Options
An abridged version of this in-service can be delivered a 90-minute presentation, in which case the sponsor and/or participants pick the primary area of concentration.