Parenting Hard; Raising Children Is Not


For the past ten years or so, John’s primary talk has been titled “Parenting with Love and Leadership.” It’s been hugely well-received and John will continue to do it upon request, but he’s recently developed a brand-new talk titled “Parenting Is Hard; Raising Children Is Not!” – a talk that’s every bit as thought-provoking (and humorous) as PWLL. Parenting, John says, is what parents have been doing since the 1960s. Raising children is what parents did for thousands of years prior to the 1960s. Parenting wears you out; raising children, because it is more in keeping with the natural order of things (more in keeping with God’s Design, if you will), strengthens a parent’s sense of purpose and confidence. Parenting is labor-intensive; raising children is uncomplicated, stress-free, fun and often funny. “Parenting Is Hard; Raising Children Is Not!” can be presented as either a 90-minute talk or a 3-hour seminar that allows for Q and A. By the way, when in a Christian environment – church or school – John will amplify the talk/seminar with plenty of supporting scripture.-

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